Large Popcorn Machine

Mr Pinball Large Vending Popcorn Machine

This is the Large Popcorn Machine with double the Capacity of 240 Cups before needing refilling.

 Huge Profits: Place Anywhere: A Product Loved By All 
 So simple to operate, no oil, just fill and forget. Create a business!
Forget every other vending machine on the market. This is a dream come true.
Imagine a vending machine that has a product loved by all ages, that need almost no maintenance and delivers almost complete profit with a tiny cost of goods.
The Mr pinball popcorn vending machine is small enough to place anywhere and can be wheeled into a shop at night with ease if placed outside.
Virtually no maintenance as this machine uses patented hot air to heat and pop the corn.  No oil required!  Simply fill the large hopper with corn kernals, fill the cups, and forget.
A display tells the customer to place his money, then a cup rolls out of a vending slot and is placed into the machine.  In 80 seconds, piping hot fresh popcorn fills the cup to a very happy customer. 
This is an irresistible product that sells itself and is a perfect companion to a hot or cold drinks machine....and the best news of all....there are none out there.  Its ground level entry so you don't have to get the old,  "we've already got one" in every decent location.
If you own a shop or run a sporting venue, caravan park, bar, hall, milkbar, convenience store, DVD store, gas station etc here is a whole new way to earn bonus money and please your customers. Bars love them as popcorn requires a nice cold drink with every serve!
Or start your own business with a fleet of popcorn vending units that can bring big profits for a bargain outlay with so many possibilities to place the units.
The units come in 2 sizes, the smaller will fit anywhere and is easily movable.  It holds120 cups.  The larger unit holds 240 cups and is a more solid unit.  Both feature the revolutionary hot air driven system that is both healthier and requires no oil.  As a result the popcorn vends hot, fresh and with no mess and is not greasy on the fingers.
Who doesn't like hot popcorn.
Fully adjustable pricing to whatever you wish.  Vend between $2-3.50 recommended and with the cups costing only around 15 cents and the corn similar you can see the profit margins clearly.
These units are also perfect for the home theatre, games room bar or man cave. Just press the button and it vends hot popcorn.  No more pouring oil in and cooking it up and serving, then cleaning all the oil splatter off your cart.  Who can be bothered.  It never gets used because of this. The Mr Pinball Popcorn vender needs none of this.  Just press the button anytime and 80 seconds later you have fresh hot popcorn all round!
So what are you waiting for. 
Call Mr pinball now and be the first to order your Mr Pinball Popcorn vending machine at ground level and start making fantastic returns tomorrow.
Both models can be viewed and demonstrated at Mr Pinballs showroom.
Listing is for the Larger 240 cup unit as pictured.
Unit comes complete with electronic coin mech as well as a Starter Pack. Inc 25kg of Popcorn and 250 cups
Call for further info. 03-9558-1011

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