Wizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Final Release

The Greatest Pinball Machine Ever Built


This is the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Edition.

Featuring an all new package including

Ruby Red  Cabinet Surround Package including,

Color Co-ordinated Metallic Red Side rails, Lockdown Bar, Legs and Headbox Brackets.

Other special features include all new additional toys.

-Toto Dog inside Dorothy's Picnic Basket

-Big 3D Tornado flying high about the spinning house.

-All new Castle surrounds including several bonus walls and fortifications.

-Special 75th anniversary Certificate of authenticity hand signed.

-Bonus Limited Edition Individually Numbered.

Mr Pinball is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Jersey Jack Pinball in Australia.

Never before has there been a Pinball Machine produced with an un-limited budget!!!

And after 3 years in the making and millions of dollars spent on R&D you can now purchase a pinball machine with more incredible toys, features and rules than you thought possible.

Only a few 75th's Limited Editions are available. Be quick...almost sold out.

An astonishing investment that your whole family will enjoy for years to come.

Special effects, lighting displays and motion pictures so spectacular its just as much fun watch as it is to play.

State of the art features revolutionize pinball including:

  • A massive 26 inch full color LCD screen right across the head box
  • Full Color Changeable LED Lighting right across the entire pinball adjustable to 16,000,000 different colors.
  • 100 Full motion Videos that feature throughout the game
  • Huge Wide body cabinet to fit in the extra real estate needed for such a massive game
  • Three Playfields with more targets and toys than any other pinball machine
  • InteractiveWitchesCastle with Dungeon, Spinning House, Melting Witch that can attack back, Flying Monkey that can capture your ball and full Crystal Ball with second mini fully working TV onboard.
  • Hand drawn and colored Artwork (all individual) across the cabinet depicting the story of OZ by famed artist Jerry Vandestelt
  • Full Shaker Motor onboard
  • Full Topper mounted above pinball machine
  • Endless rules that will take years to master, including fun additions such as witches spells that can affect your flippers and turn out the lights.
  • Interact with characters throughout the game and travel down the Yellow Brick Road as you play the whole movie.
  • Ruby Red body Armour.
  • Invisiglass worth around $400 included for a Limited time.
  • Massive 7 speaker full stereo pinnovation sound system included with headphone jack for silent play at night
  • -USB port for at home upgrading of your pin rules
  • -Designed by the greatest Pinball Designers of our time, all hand picked by Jersey Jack
  • Full original soundtrack by famed pinball sound engineer Chris Granner
  • Each Pinball individually numbered and signed for higher investment re-sale
  • Universal theme that never goes out of fashion.


We have a full working unit in our showroom for inspection & play. Immediate supply in our warehouse, although stock is limited.

Bring the family down for a test drive or three!

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